Introduction about Go Phuong Nam


Phuong Nam Lumber Trading Import Export Limited Company is one of the leading enterprises in raw lumber materials imported from America and Europe. Phuong Nam’s Lumber warehouses have various lumbers such as Walnut, Oak, Ash,ect.


Tuyen is always questioned: “Is Lumbers beautiful?”- ,”lumbers are as beautiful as sellers!”-Replies in a friendly way. In business,the market is always a challenge, especially for women. …

  • Charity Programs

    Besides enthusiasm, engrossed in consultancy work, business, providing import lumbers, staff at Phuong Nam trading import and export lumber company have warm and kind heart to the community, share with unlucky people …

Our Customers and Partners

Replies from our customer about our good products and services.

Phuong Nam Ltd. has good lumbers and ardour, thoughtful consultants

Mr Nguyen Thanh Trung

Fast transactions, simple procedures but very clear and secure. The enthusiastic consultant made me feel safe working with Phuong Nam Lumber Trading Import Export Limited Company

Mr Canh Gia My

After agreeing on the contract and the deposit, the lumbers was stacked in front of the warehouse, which surprised me. Shipping service of the company is more professional than I expected

Mr Bùi Ngọc Mai